The Unmissables: Four exhibtions to see in October by Matariki Williams for Pantograph Punch 2017

Staying Conscious by Mark Amery for The Big Idea, 2017

The New Sincerity in Aotearoa’s Landscape Mythology by Jasmine Gallagher for Circuit Artist Film and Video Aotearoa New Zealand 2016

Strange Land Singing: the video of Bridget Reweti by Cassandra Barnett for Aotearoa Digital Arts 2015

In through the earth, and up to the sky a publication by Enjoy Public Art Gallery 2015

Feeling Grounded by Mark Amery for The Big Idea 2015

Aratoi leads from the Margin by Jodie Dalgleish for Eye Contact 2013


Recontextualising the Silence by Bridget Reweti for Pantograph Punch 2017

Kore Taitara by Bridget Reweti for The Wireless 2017

Remembering the Future: Who are we really serving? Bridget Reweti and Léuli Eshraghi, Canadian Art, 2016


Bridget Reweti: Carry On for Standing Room Only on Radio New Zealand 2016

Looking back to Zion: An interview with Bridget Reweti for Circuit Cast 2016

Nuku: Symbols of Mana for Te Ahi Kaa on Radio New Zealand 2015

Symposia,  Artist talks

Te Kahu and Ayesha

So International

Camera Obscura Tent

Physics Room Talk

Corbans Panel

Phantom Typologies


Enjoy Feminisms

Practising Safe Art